Topic: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex won't boot past the PS2 logo on my PS3

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The disc has round trackings on it like it's been grinding in the PS3. I tried to fix it but it just won't boot up no matter how many times I try? What do I do? I tried to sell this on eBay along with 7 other PS2 games and 16 PS1 games. The game makes the screen jump with a loud popping noise then goes to the PS2 logo then nothing!

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What version of the PS3 do you have. As the only PS3 that are compatible to play PS2 games are the launch editions and the Metal Gear Solid edition.

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I cant play my copy of uncharted the disc starts spinning and stops and starts and stops and eventually doesn't spin anymore

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I've got the 60GB version but I recently upgraded from 60-160GB. Like I said, the back of the disc has round trackings on it.



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