Topic: Convincing my parents that i can branch out of nintendo - help!

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clicketyclick wrote:

questioning your parents' rules and presenting your POV in a calm, reasoned, and respectful way will not result in a massive falling out with your parents.

Maybe that's where I'm looking at it wrong. When I was that age, doing anything in a calm, reasoned, and respectful manner was NOT how it worked. It was action, then thought. I keep hearing though that teenagers are more mature these days, more self-aware, and going by the way DaDun conducts himself I can't disagree. Having said that, I played guardian to a teenager not so long ago. He whinged and moped until he had driven his mother mad and got what he wanted (much to my annoyance of course). So it must just be down to an individual and their families attitude, in which case none of us can give accurate advice, as we all grew up in different circumstances. You'll have to figure it out yourself DaDun. I hope you find a way around it that doesn't involve any family drama's.



lol this has actually developed into a much more important/serious topic than i expected, which is great! Opposing views/differences always amuse me. Lets keep it going! PLAY BALL!

Edit its cool getting emotional i guess, true feelings result in the most honest advice

What im thinking of doing now is keeping my money, not spending it, and waiting for a few months so then my parents know im not just spending because i have money and that i can resist the temptation of other things and focus on my original goal that i want to invest my money in. This way, my rents will know i actually want the ps3 and am willing to wait for it, sounds like a good thing to do i think.

I agree its good to voice opposing opinions to your parents click, it does show that you have your own mind and sometimes, it can even help your parents see how some things are good or that they could be wrong about something. (they definitely like dvd more than vhs now lol) However, too much forcing is a bad thing, and whining isnt right either, ill give u that machu. By combining your ideas, things may go smoothly. Thanks Machity Mick! (shoot me for that lol)

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I say 2days till it gets locked. That's what happens to serious topics.

EDIT: Machity Mick lol, clicketychu might be better though, ladies first n' all. That sounds like you have a plan dude. Hey, ahem, if you haven't bought Little Kings Story yet, that'd keep you distracted for a while.

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One last piece of advice - probably your parents work real hard and have plenty of other worries.

Life is best lived by appreciating what one has.

More is sometimes less.

Time is your most precious commodity.


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Why not a PS2? If you've only gotten Nintendo systems, then among other things you've missed out on almost a decade of great games. A slim PS2 will run you a mere $100, memory cards aren't too bad, it comes with a controller. As for the games, there is some GOOD stuff on PS2, and you're looking at prices from $5-$20 for the most part. It'll also run older PS1 games as well.

I couldn't even begin to list all the good PS1 and PS2 games out there, but some particulars to start you off (and most of these are console exclusive) are Sega Genesis Collection (this'll start you off great), Devil May Cry series, Metal Gear Solid series, Castlevania series (especially Symphony of the Night, but it's a little expensive), Capcom Classics Collection, Mega Man collections (unless you have them on Gamecube already), Metal Slug Anthology (Unless you have it on Wii already), Dragon Quest VIII, Gradius V, Twisted Metal series (notably 1, 2, Small Brawl, and Rogue Trip. You're probably too young for Black), Azure Dreams, Final Fantasy series, Psychonauts (amazing game, but it takes up A LOT of memory card space on the PS2 version. ), Nippon Ichi's awesome SRPG games (These are all really, really good, but I'd probably start with Disgaea), and any number of the various Capcom and SNK games available (Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, Samurai Shodown Anthology, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, and King of Fighters 98:UM are all really great).

Of course, I just suggested some things that are mostly exclusive, and collections with games I think you'd have a decent chance of liking. The fact is, the PS2 would be an ideal way to branch out of Nintendo. There are enough good games all the way back from the mid-90's to this very year, to keep you interested for another two decades at least. XD

...that, and a new PS2 while you can still get one will last a good amount of time, and $100 for a system and $5-$20 a game is a lot better than a $300 system and $30-$60 a game, which your parents will probably appreciate.



mrmicawber wrote:

Your parents are right - be conservative - if you want a PS3 then give up your wii.

Presentgen multiconsole ownership is mucho overrated by the media - you only have so much time and too much gaming turns you into a burnout....

This is such a good statement that I want to expand on it further to you DaDun. I can understand you want more variety in gaming other then your Wii, I was the same way back in High School when all I had was a GameCube last gen. After I graduated and got my job I started to save my cash and invested in a new HD TV (cause the one I had started to get burns on the screen), a Wii that I've had since launch day and don't regret it since, DSLite, 360, PSP 3000, and a backwards compatible PS3.

At first I was very happy that I had all of these systems and games because they were fun and had plenty of replayablity, however as the next couple years past I started impulsively buying games for dirt cheap at pawnshops, second hand stores, Wal-Mart, etc. The end result was I amassed so many games in such a short amount of time that I wasn't enjoying them like I used to when I just had 3 or 4 consoles and a few select games. As of now I have over 300 games with no signs of slowing down so please take my advise in consideration, as much as it is fun to have the latest games don't over do it because their is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.



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