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What's a PSPgo?

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it will be a faulire and a virtual boy for sony

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Sony just announced at TGS that they'll have 700 titles available for download when the PSPgo launches in NA. Wow.

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I'm sorry, but the PSP Go is really sounding more and more like fail. I've been considering a PSP (mostly for Final Fantasy(s), Castlevania, and a few others), but I definitely will not be getting a Go. The price tag is a bit ridiculous (if I'm going to spend that much money on a new system, I'll get an Xbox), especially considering it's not going to play older PSP games. Plus they'll be charging the same price for the downloadable .... Why is the cost of the download the same then? Retailers are also getting the stiff arm as there won't be any games to actually sell for the Go. The whole thing is just irritating.

Plus a lot of people seemed to be counting on Sony giving them their UMD games for free via download, and...

"Since the PSPgo is UMD-less, there's little incentive for customers to upgrade and be stuck with a pile of unplayable games. Sony's solution is to give those customers three free digital download titles from a selection of 17, including Resistance: Retribution, Patapon, and Wipeout Pure. "

Three games? Wow, that'll definitely rope in those original PSP users...

"But this same offer is not currently planned for SCEA regions, a Sony representative told IGN. "

NA fail.

I have had no ill feelings towards the PSP, but I do hope the Go tanks.

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I love sony but its such a rip-off its not even funny.

it costs more than the Wii its 50 cheaper than a PS3......come on.

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This is a great buy and will be getting this day one to also get gran turmiso for free. Games I will get for it are dissidia, little big planet psp, and half-minute hero,

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