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What program(s) do you use to run Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom? I use DOSBOX, ZDoom, and Skulltag.



I usually just use the pack emulator from id software for my computer but I mostly play on my original modded X-box using DoomZ. It uses both the sticks on the controller to move and strafe like for most fps games although it does have a cut off problem with the edges of the screen. I've been out of the loop for x-box programs so I don't even want to dare looking for an updated program.

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I play the game every now and again when I've got that itch to mow down some demons. I actually snatched up Doom 1 & 2 on ebay a few years back for that. Anyway, I use Doomsday for it. It allows for online cross-platform play, although I've never tried that before.

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