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How does the content (violence/swearing) compare to halo 3? More,less, about the same?



im fairly sure u can set if theres blood or not but swearing i dont think u can change. Man seriously its a shooting game, u kill people. If ur expecting a lot of really clean parts in the game, u may be looking at the wrong genre. However, i prefer Cod to halo, just personal preference.

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I agree with DaDun, Online you will find people running off at the mouth in anything, heck even Nintedo had it with Metroid on DS. If your buying it for online just mute them out and enjoy the incredible online multiplayer. The single player, Its been a long time but as far as language I dont remember too terribly much.

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Wait, did Halo really have much swearing? I'm drawing a blank, but as I recall there wasn't anything really worse than "bastard", etc.

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Hmmm...swearing in the game. There is the "s" word a few times. At least four I think. There's one cutscene in the game that'll switch it up. Sometime the guy will say the "s" word, while other times he'll say the "f" word. Also, there is the "b" word for a boy in the game. The "d" word's in there if I remember correctly. There may be a few others, but that pretty much covers it.

For violence, there's nothing extreme like in Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but the blood from enemies will splatter on the wall, and sometimes it'll show chunks of meat fly out in certain cutscenes.

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IN cod 4 the s word is used a couple of times and so is the a word. I think the f word is used once but that is it

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