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Well, there's this mmo I play called roblox and it's pretty much legos but it has a lot of scripting with Lua and stuff.

Might wanna try it.

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Looking forward to The Conduit 2 and CoD: Black Ops for DS
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I play Minecraft, then I play Minecraft, then I play Minecraft, then I play Minecraft... Seriously addictive. Minecraft is the closest thing I play to what you are talking about. I would check it out if I wasnt playing Minecraft; must build... glass outlook. I also wanted to build a greenhouse of glass, I have my underground hallway built out to a good semi-flat site for it. I also want to make the top of the mountain my home is under a big watch tower, I already have part of it built from my fancy skylight which has a wooden border around it to keep creatures off.

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I guess you could call Garry's Mod a Building MMO, too. You can use Lua to script stuff, too but you don't have to.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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