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Well of course you think it's funny, you made the video.

Good luck, bro!

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This is like a joke

I don't mean to be mean, but there are so many flaws with that Kickstarter it is ridiculous. I could honestly write a dissertation on why nobody should support that.

There is also a thread specifically for Kickstarter games. If there was a Kickstarter that was special enough to receive its own thread, it would not be this one.

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please tell why nobody should support my game?



Should have left it be, my friend. Wrong person.

  • You couldn't even proofread any aspect of your writing. You're asking for our money, yet you can't spend five minutes sorting through grammatical errors? If you can't bother to care about your writing, why should I?
  • Your video is something akin to a school project seen on Youtube. You do not say anything about who you are, anything about why you're qualified to develop games, and very little about the actual game.
  • The rewards are nonsensical. $1000 and I get to help you make it? Does your doctor charge you to help with assessing your symptoms? $3500 to produce my own game? What does that even mean? Am I going to fly out to the other side of the world and develop a game with you, or does this mean I have your blessing to make video games on my own. $50 extra for wallpaper? Wallpaper?
  • The funding goals are ludicrous. You can make a Windows version for $500, but you need 5x time that amount to add extra levels to an already completed game? You need $20k to incorporate a gameplay element you're taking from another game? Have you contacted Sony and Microsoft and found out it will cost 50k to port your game? You pulled these numbers out of your a-hole. Don't lie.
  • You have been working on this game for almost year and its almost complete, but all you have to show us is a very small clip and some screens? There's no explanation of the story or characters? From the screens it looks like a rip off of Super Mario Bros, how is it different? How have you been funding the game for the past year, but all of a sudden need money now?

You cannot honestly look at other Kickstarters and think yours is anything near decent. Worst of all, you create an account on this site and pass it off as if you're not the dev as if we're all idiots.

Seriously, spend a week putting a decent page together. Review your grammar. Make a decent video. Explain what the hail the game is. Stop pulling numbers and goals out of your bum, and try again.

There's absolutely no reason anyone should put money towards this poor, sometimes incomprehensible attempt at a Kickstarter campaign.

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Please feel free to advertise your project via your user signature if you like. Thank you! :3

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