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I've made a post similar to this in the past and let me first apologize to anyone that expressed interest in my offer to beta text my upcoming Xbox live game and didn't receive a demo due to email complications. It was so bad that i just gave up on it. Until today! I've found a different way to distribute the demo that is much easier on everyone. If you want to play the very early, basic build of my game simply click on this link: then click the word "download". after you have the file your just a double click away from Color Tech(more recently renamed Pixel Mix). It would be greatly appreciated if everyone who tries the demo leaves impressions, suggestions, glitches, etc. here on this post. Please note this is an extremely early build. There will be many more levels, modes, and it will be a little more flashy. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help refine the game before it's release(we are projecting a February 2010 launch window). Also please note: YOU DO NOT NEED A 360 TO BETA TEST THIS BUILD OF THE GAME. IT IS FOR PC ONLY. This offer is exclusively for the NL community so everyone try it and enjoy!

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