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I'm gonna go for-

Square Enix: I'm very glad they let Sleeping Dogs and Heroes of Ruin see the light of day. They even took a hit from Sleeping Dogs not performing phenomenally, but I hope that doesn't deter them from bringing out more smaller-name titles into the spotlight.

Rising Star: These guys are like a UK/PAL version of XSEED. They often take a little bit too long for my liking, but everything's translated well and everything they pick up suits my tastes

Circle ENT: Hear me out on this one. Circle ENT's one of the only publishers who supported DsiWare in Australia, which means we had the privilege of getting stuff like Ace Mathician and (soon) Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D. Their in house games are a bit hit or miss though.

Valve: They source the cream of the crop, unearthing gems like Portal and TF2 - making fanmade games commercial successes. Plus, they constantly update with new and creative stuff - what's not to like?

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