Topic: Best PSN exclusives?

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The best games to download are the ones that can be transferred over to the upcoming PS4. Oh that's right--none of them can. Never mind. Just ignore this post like gamers would a new Sony console. my pants.


Okay, I had a thatgamecompanyfest yesterday and played Journey and Flower. There's nothing I say about Journey that hasn't already been said - it's worth finding a PS3 anywhere you can and locking yourself in a room for a few hours. Whistling through the grass in Flower was pretty special too, though I was getting restless towards the end.
Flicking through the PSNStore the biggest attraction now is Bioshock Infinite!




Jetpack Joyride is a great PSN game to have on hand when you only have a few minutes to kill. It's also free so you can't beat that.

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