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actually, the iPad doesn't get a thread all its own — i had no idea it was there. either way, the threads have now been properly separated. — TBD

Rhythm Game: ReRave (worth the wait for this to be released). Other then that, Bit.Trip Beat. Personally wouldn't touch Tap Tap with a 9-and-a-half foot pole.
Simulation: Zen Pinball
Platformer: You can find tons, but controls are usually shoddy. Only action-based one I can think of is Gunman Clive
Puzzlers: This is where platformers shine moreso. Karoshi and Toki Tori are both awesome
Visual Novel: Surviving High School (Really cheesy, but not much in the way of VNs anyways)
Strategy: Swords and Soldiers/Bloons Tower Defense 4
Mindless gameplay: Any Bejeweled clone. Screw Rovio.

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I have an older device, so I can't play most of what's considered the "best" games on the service. I will say, though, that I've found some terrific gems, anyway.

  • Shooters: Destroy Gunners series. There are four of them now, I think, and each one's better than the last. They're 3D third-person mech-style action. Great fun. The ONLY downside to them is you can't save any to your SD card. So if you have limited internal space (like me) and like to keep a lot of games on your phone (like me), this one may not be the best option. Just as fantastic is Pew Pew 2. People compare it to Geometry Wars because of the art style. I think Pew Pew is better. Pew Pew 2 has more modes, more ships and a great campaign, but it costs $3. Get Pew Pew (the original) for free first to try it out.
  • Platformer: OrangePixel does good work. They're a very reliable developer. On my phone right now, I'm really enjoying Commander Pixman, which is... think of it as a combination of 10-Second Run and Mega Man. You can take as long as you want to complete any of the stages, but you get more stars for completing faster and most are designed to be done in under 10 seconds. Very challenging, but very tight gameplay makes the short bursts of platforming very rewarding. And Canabalt HD is good.
  • RPG: At this moment, I have four on my phone and enjoy each. Final Fantasy III is exactly what you expect. It's the exact same as the DS remake/update of the third canonical Final Fantasy game. Gurk II is reminiscent of Final Fantasy I or an early Dragon Quest/Warrior game, but with a turn-based strategy RPG battle system, instead. It's very intentionally old-school. The first game, Gurk, is a little simpler, but is available for free. Third is Legends of Yore. Available in a free and paid version, it's a roague-like dungeon crawler. It's turn based, sort of. I don't know exactly how to explain it, as everything moves at once, but time stops for everything after each action. And finally, Delver. It's still a work in progress, but a VERY polished one. It's updated regularly and each one makes it better. It's a first-person dungeon crawler with a pixelated 3D graphical style. Consider it an Elder Scrolls game set entirely in an underground dungeon in the Minecraft world. There's no story to this one; the hook is to just keep delving deeper and see each time if you can delve deeper and live longer than the last. Supposedly, the dungeon has an end and you find a magical orb you're supposed to return to the beginning. I've never made it, though.
  • Strategy: Great Little War Game. Advance Wars meets Fire Emblem. Brilliance. Additionally, Robotek is very unique and with that, very good. It heavily features slot machines in its battle system, but it's less luck than you'd think. For free, it's worth a try to anyone who enjoys strategy. And the writing is awesome in both of those games.
  • Puzzler: I have two that more people need to play. The first is Dante's Inferno The Game. It has NO relation to the Xbox 360 game, but was instead based on the book. One Google Play reviewer said it best when he said it's like mixing Frogger with The World's Hardest Game. It's frenetic, fast paced square-by-square action and it's rapidly becoming one of my favorite mobile games. Very hard, but worth every second. Number two is Magic Arrows. It follows the same idea as Bejewelled, but its twist is that each block has an arrow on it and you can only move the block in that direction. You can move it any number of spaces, though, and don't even have to make a match in order to do it. In the early stages, this lets you do a lot of planning and playing around with the blocks, but it heats up quickly. My favorite "match three" puzzle ever.
  • Survival Horror: Dead Space. It's a spin-off of the original console game with its own story. The graphics look great on my phone and, while the character controls like a tank, it's done in the same way as the old Resident Evils we all love, and it feels intentional rather than just feeling like you're fighting the phone. It's horrifying and messes with your mind. I've never played Dead Space or Dead Space 2 on consoles, but this was a pretty good introduction to the series.

Honorable mentions: Dragon's Lair, Colossal Cave Adventure, X-Men Arcade, Tank Hero

Sorry it's so long. I spend a lot of time playing mobile games because I have so little money for console ones these days.

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Age of Zombies is on Android, I know cause I used to have it.

AoG is probably my favourite along with Plants vs Zombies but there is no phone game I would ever consider "great".

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bulby1994 wrote:

Age of Zombies is on Android, I know cause I used to have it.

You're right. The official site was wrong. Weird. Anyways, that's easily the best mobile game I've played. I just ran through it yesterday, I still enjoy it. It reminds me of the joy I felt when I played games in the arcade as a kid. It's games like these that the industry needed to get back - simply, fun, charming games that are easy to get into, difficult to master (getting all the achievements ain't easy), short 'n' sweet, and are highly replayable. No big story, no epic quest. Just good old fasion fun.

bulby1994 wrote:

AoG is probably my favourite along with Plants vs Zombies but there is no phone game I would ever consider "great".

Wait, what? Why not? What are those very games you listed missing that you wouldn't find in other games in their genre that people do consider great?

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Chaos Rings: the best JRPG for the mobile Market.
Dead Trigger: Good mix of a console game and a mobile game wrapped up into one.
Tripple Town: One of my favorite puzzle games.
Paper Monsters: A wondrous mix of Mario and Little Big Planet.

just a few games that I still have on my device since the day I bought them.

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Game Dev Story is an awesome simulation game.



People play games on Android? Huh!? Who would've thought?

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@Slapshot: Yes, people play games on Android devices. Do you have any personal favorites you'd like to share?

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Well in my opinion the best Android games are: Simpsons Tapped Out, Jetpack Joyride, Clash of Clans and Mayas & Aliens



NOVA 3 by Gameloft, the rip off kings. Its like Halo, but mobile.
Dead trigger is also a good game. Its a free zombie slaying FPS.
SAS Zombies is a good zombie dual stick shooter. Its also free.


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I'm not a great fan of "phone" game, but I used to play some great little game recently!

Temple Run 2, yeah, pretty obvious. The 1 was kind of good, but I think that with the 2, they really did something great!

Maple Story Live is also a great game! I used to play to Mapple Story on Pc back in the day, and even with the Android version lack a lot of feature and is more a Pay2Win, the fact that is "free" is really cool!

Recently, one game catch my attention, I stumbled on a article on about a little game named The Chuck, made by a small studio named Studio Terabites, and actually, the game is pretty fun! It worth the 1$! It's a kind of endless runner, but with a end, and you control a parody of Chuck Norris who must destroy a group of nerd...pretty funny. Low price, simple gameplay, fun, great visual. The only sad part is that the "story" is quite short...but for a young studio, I didnt really expect anything else.

And let not forget Jetpack Joyride... for sure this game is really addictive and really cool!

Dead Trigger is really a great game! I played it on my girlfriend tablet! Great graphic, lot of content. I'm only sad about the fact that I found a tutorial to be able to play it with a Wii Classic Controller...but the tablet do not support it...



Someone explain to me what's so addictive about games like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride?

I have nothing against simplicity, but I don't understand what's so special about these games. I don't loathe them the way I do Angry Birds, and I respect the creators of Temple Run enough (unlike Angry Birds) but I feel like I'm missing something. They just seem repetitive and overly simplistic to the point of being bland to me.

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@Raywords - RE: Jetpack Joyride - If you're not doing the achievements, you're doing it wrong. They add a ton of variety to the game, IMO.

RE: Bejeweled - How exactly is that mindless fun? It's a puzzle game. That's the exact opposite of "Mindless Fun."

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Hmmm I would say that angry birds is the best d***** game in the world. Of mobile gaming


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