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Hi everyone!

I'm the art director of a mobile game called "Axle"a unique platform game that takes place inside the clockwork of
WWII era machinery.

You play as a gear, named Axle, who is built to fix toys. Axle's dreams of adventure come true when he is swept up in a journey that will
land him right in the middle of machines bigger and badder than he could ever imagine. With unique rolling and magnetizing game mechanics, an original electroswing score, and a rich steampunk world, Axle is sure to be a platformer game unlike any other!

It's a bit hard to entirely describe what Axle looks like, but you can see it a bunch of gameplay on Kickstarter here:
We'd love if you could drop by and check it out!

We only have a few hours left to make our second funding goal to afford to release on iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 phones, Kindle Fire, and Ouya!

And please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or anything else!



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