Topic: Are you a Sega person or a Nintendo person?

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@Master_Barney. If you weren't trying to change RWP's opinion, what the hell WERE you trying to do for the past 10 posts you made?

I've never owned a Sega console in my life (though I really want a Dreamcast), and the most of the Sega games I have played I haven't been too impressed with, so I say Nintendo.


@Ricardo: apparently, he was attempting to start a console-wars-style argument straight outta what we all grew up with. let's all give him the benefit of the doubt and drop it, shall we?

that said, i'm very much a Nintendo person. :3

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future of NL >:3
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@M Barney.... ive never seen you post here and so many users get here and start console wars instantly in dang near every thread they can find. I actually missed Chrono Trigger somehow on the SNES and grabbed it for the DS and im at a very dull spot in the middle of the game and I find it better than average but not the best RPG ever that some herald it to.

@TBD.... I would have never guessed that one Honestly how can anyone NOT be a Nintendo fan, is it possible?

....... I prefer the Playstation brand for there risk taking strategies they have always had with the likes of JRPGs, Jet Moto, Demon Souls, Twisted Metal etc. Im no way a fanboy of them though!

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I like sega (from the dreamcast days back, mostly) but I can't say I love them. Obviously if I wasn't a hardcore Nintendo fan I wouldn't be here

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Nintendork for sure
My favorite SEGA game is probably super monkey ball 2, but I think ill get that sonic classic collection when it comes out.


Nintendo Fanboy, eventhough microsoft and sony won't admit it publicly they have told me personally that they also think Nintendo is the best.

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Neither if would say.

I never even knew Sega or Nintendo existed when I was a kid. I only played and owned the SNES as a home console since I first got it around 1992 to 2001 (not counting handhelds), but I never really knew it was from Nintendo until I started to go on the internet around 8 years ago. No one would barley even talk anything about videogames back in Elementary School, so I never got into any arguments with Sega fanboy's, or found out that they existed. Even though I saw the name “Nintendo” on most of the games I’ve played, I could never comprehend that they made it. I feel stupid now when I think about it.

Though if we are talking about now, then Nintendo. Even though I liked some of the games Sega made, I just like Nintendo games a lot more.


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With Sega no longer making consoles, the terms are no longer mutually exclusive. I'm both

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both i like games by sega and nintendo but nintendo make good games consiles to play them on

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I am a fan of both Nintendo and Sega. Nintendo has develop countless masterpieces , and Sega made the awesome original Sonic games for the Genesis.



On my 6th birthday I got an NES with super mario bros. After that I have owned every Nintendo console and handheld. Although I have owned other consoles, Nintendo is the most creative, stubborn and unique company and they are special to me.



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