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I need to get an arcade stick since I GGPO on my computer and Im hoping to get better with fighting games. Yes, I like the feel of the stick better, especially for stuff like quarter turns which I can't perform on a normal controller. I want a PS3 Horizon Fighting Edge or that $220 Mad Catz controller. Im hooking up to the PC but I want the PS3 one due to conventions, look, and I just hate the Xbox. Which one would you recommend, if it matters?

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As for what Arcade stiick I know Hori makes a good one

My friend uses it on the 360 for MvC2 and its a good controller and only like $70. I believe it will work on the PC too if you plug it into the usb. I know I do that with my Xbox 360 controller. Yes ok I read a review and one customer who bought uses it for the exactly reason you do and it does work on Windows PC.

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I was thinking on getting a Tatsunoko vs Capcom Mad Catz stick. There is an adapter that lets you use it on PC and/or PS3. So I could cover my four systems (as it also works on Wii U). It is around $65 on Amazon plus another $12 for said adapter. But as I don't have it yet I cannot give my opinion. It got decent reviews on Amazon though.

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I have the TvC stick. Even flew it overseas (costly) and I love it.

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