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I just recently got my hands on an iPod Touch and I've been trying out a few of the games in the App store. For those of you who don't know, Mecho Wars is a new iPhone strategy title from Luc Bernard (Eternity's Child). I've put a few hours into the game and I have to tell you, it's a great little title. It can best be described as a funky version of Advance Wars. Some extremely creative artwork and a great musical score round out the game.

The game is headed to DSiWare and WiiWare, and we'll keep you updated on the progress of the two titles. In the meantime, a screenshot from the iPhone version is below. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you might want to give it a try. It's a lot of fun!


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I'm planning on getting a Touch in a few months. When the other versions come out, help me out by pointing out each versions' strengths versus each other.

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I just hope this comes out soon for Wiiware/DSI. This and Hudsons war strategy game for Wiiware.

The picture looks great.

Edit- Was the new version of Military Madness supposed to be out this summer?

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did I mention that we submitted a new update to apple, where the game has a new Landian Campaign and more challenge maps



That sounds great. It should be fun playing as the Landians.

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Wow, this game looks fantastic! I hope it will be out on WiiWare soon because I really want to play it!



Corbie wrote:

That sounds great. It should be fun playing as the Landians.

their levels are even better, and to be honest I prefer to play as them but that update will be in the wiiware version too



I really, really, (, really) hope this comes to WiiWare, but if it only comes to DSiWare and/or the Touch, I will finally be pushed over the edge to get a portable gaming system. This looks too good to pass up.

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Is that official confirmation of a WiiWare version I see right above my post? Looks like it! Nice. Or was this already announced?

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Yeah I HAVE IT AND BEAT IT. It was a great game. I just wish it could have been longer. But you can be happy with what you get for only 99 cents. I loved the landians update. It was so much funner.

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This game looks great but I don't have or like iPods. Don't ask. I just want it to come out for WiiWare.

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I'm definitely looking forward to the DSiWare version. It's a perfect fit for portables.

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will thier be like a fan Q and A with Luc?

also since the ipod version will have dlc can i assume thier will be dlc and updates in the wii/ds games.


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I don't think there will be dlc with the dsi ware version. there might be one with the wiiware. They will both come out with what the iPod already has

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