Topic: Anybody remeber Guitar Hero 4?

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Because I don't!

they went 1,2,3 then a shit load of spin offs and then 5 but I really don't Remember seeing a 4 anywhere in there... what gives?

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Guitar Hero World Tour = Guitar Hero 4


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Seriously, these Guitar Band threads are gonna push me over the edge, aaaaaagh!


And yes, I intend to to purposely disrupt all plastic guitar threads form here on in. It is my duty!!!



The numbering confusion is nothing new to gaming. If you try hard enough, I'm sure there are countless games with a missing number or other oddity you could find. Here's my list which I may update if I remember more:

There is no Contra 2 yet there's a Contra 3.

Ditto for Gex.

The Wario Land series makes no sense as the original Wario Land was also known as Super Mario Land 3.

If GTA IV is on 360, then what were all those GTA games we played last generation, spin-offs?

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Call of duty five is just called world at war not 5 world at war

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