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I'm referring to item/weapon spammers, people that constantly follow you and only you, and people who only need one hit on you, and run like the devil was after them, for the rest of match, etc.

I was playing online in Left 4 Dead campaign (Death Toll), and I only had 8 hp left. Everyone else was already on the escape ship except me. When I limped down the dock to get on the boat this one guy shot me until I was downed, and then threw a molotov at me and set me on fire. :



On MKW a had over 9000VR playing with 11 n00bs and right in frout of the finish line on the last lap when the controler just stopped working lost like 1500 points havnt played much MKW since than



Mario Kart Wii was racing & had the lead both laps then this guy comes from behind me Wheeling on Bike & using a Mushroom I Believe & somehow he Turned while Wheeling & Beat me....

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I once exchangeFC with someone to play MP:H and after our first match he responded with
"GAWD DAMIT your so f ****ing anoying you just keep going after health recovers" and the interesting thing is he was the one who was all over them and I never grabed even one (I was stylux so I dident need to )

This lesbian bar doesent have a fire exit!


Every time I play mario kart wii (hackers)



listening to that god-awful COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN as the game saves to the SD card

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The Dry-Bones charge move on Mario-Strikers. I get so angry when they use that to score. >.<



People on Water Warfare who stalk me and gun me down then once I respawn, it's rinse & repeat. sigh



Quitters on Zelda:Phantom Hourglass which otherwise is a fantastic online game.
So many 'disconnects' just as I'm about to win that I've changed my online gamertag to 'R U Cheat?' - haha!

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