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I love 3DS's activity log its very useful to know how much time you've put into every game and figure out if you got your money's worth (not all games have internal time counters) plus its cool to easily see which games you have played the most (the results often surprised me) I think its a feature that should be on all consoles.... who agrees?

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I agree with you. I love that feature,specially now that it is linked to the console and not to a server, as on Wii.

There are games that only register effective playtime (no cutscenes, loading time, etc), so sometimes the internal timer can be misleading. Or it is linked to a save file, so if two persons play their own file you would have to add the times.

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I could careless. I got my money's worth if I have fun with a game and I haven't ever cared how many hours I put into a game. - Dayman
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Yes please, it's actually fun to see how many total hours you put into a game.



I really like the Activity Log on the new Nintendo systems. I love seeing how much time I put into games, and it's nice to see what I really play the most.

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It's a good thing there were no Activity Log's back in the late 80's/early 90's. There's no telling how many hours I logged onto my SEGA Genesis. And it would all be totally inaccurate as well. If I was playing a sporting game, and something came up, most times I would never cut the power off. I'd be like Brodie from Mallrats and leave that sucker on Pause (all weekend If need be) until I could get back to it.

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No thanks. I don't care to know how many hours of my life I have wasted playing video games.

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I personally rarely check the activity log but I can see why some people like it. One feature that I absolutely don't want is a "$$$ spent" log.


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I agree, I just finished Infamous second son and wanted to know how many hours I logged. I was surprised there wasn't a log. The PS4 is supposed to do it all!



It would be nice, but they also need to have a feature where if you leave it alone while paused for more than 5-10 minutes it's stops tracking time, because I tend to leave games on for a while, which can mess up the time log due a lack of this feature.

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Agree. Only thing I hate from my ps4. I love to see how many jours ive played my games

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