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Crappy title, I know.

I just wanted to try something less bland. Obviously, knowing the people here, this is going to backfire...

Anyways, I didn't find a Steam username exchange thread (just the sales thread), so I decided to make this thread you're reading right now. It works just like the 3DS Friend Codes thread, but with Steam names instead.

I'm BeastlyDigital. Tell the person if you've added them.

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I did a search. Strangely enough, every thread like this dies on its first page. Not sure why, we could use an ID thread. I know we have Profiles now, but I'm not using mine for security reasons. In fact, I gotta take out my Backloggery...

Mine is: Mickeymac

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We use the Steam sales thread as a general Steam discussion.


But there's no easy to access list of usernames, which come in handy, trust me. We use the PS3 thread for discussion, but we still use (or at least used to use, it hasn't been bumped in a while) a separeate thread for PSN IDs.

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I'm pretty sure you can put steam on your profile, but I guess this works just as well.

My id's oiiopo.

Btw, ^added Chrysalis and Canis

EDIT: Disregard my game stats, I tend to idle a lot without realising I've left a game open. I don't have an excuse for my weird purchase history though, I'm just dumb and have little self control :/

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always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)

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CanisWolfred wrote:

You gonna start up a list for our usernames? If not, then shut up.

BTW, I've been meaning to ask you to take out the "Sales" part of the title so people know what it's now for.

I've been thinking about changing the name for a while, but I'm unsure if that would go down well. The name has been put in concrete since I started it and having a name-shift would throw a lot of people off.

EDIT: Also, this thread slightly ruins changing the name of my thread to something more general.

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