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tell me if you like it it is still unfinished

I will need your email and I can hopefully send it to you tell me your email and if you want it

PSN ID: castlehominid99

Nintendo Network ID: theironmango


send it to my spare email at haroldj4@g ...
(my names not harold if any of you are thinking that)

Heisenberg says "relax!"
The user formerly known as briunj04
PSN=mabbit04/Summoner name(LoL)=briunj04


castlehominid99 wrote:

Just say run

This is terrible advice. Do not say "run" until you are sure it is safe.

You're not sure.

So do not say "run."

Locking for protection. Sorry, Castleman; it's not worth the risk to other users. Anyone who got this file already, make sure you scan it, and delete it if necessary.

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