Topic: 3D PS3 gaming to come via firmware upgrade in 2010

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Yeah this has been going on for awhile. They had Wipeout HD running in 3D at E3 this past year and Avatar is going to support 3D gaming and it comes out in a few weeks. I dont see it taking off as to use the 3D you have to upgrade your HD Tv to a 3D compatible Tv wich is VERY Expensive. I also would like to think it will be very hard to have good dept preception in 3D, but not trying it out firsthand I cant say for sure. Im not even considering it, Im thinking gimmik just like motion control has turned out to be.

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They're pushing this way too early. It's a pretty cool feature, but how many people do you know with 3D-compatible TVs? How many people do you know who are aware of the very existance of 3D compatible TVs? It's exciting technology and I'm looking forward to see it really gain some legs and make its way into our mainstream lives, but at the moment I think it's just a bit too new to be pushing like this. They should wait for the next gen and make it the main selling point of the PS4.


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I think it's too soon as well. I've only heard of 3D capable TVs on the home shopping network. "That's right folks, 3D is the next big thing and this TV comes with the option to upgrade to 3D." lol



Sky TV in the UK are supposedly launching a 3D channel next year:) Also you DON'T have to have a 3D television to benefit, as it'll support polarised glasses etc. Not quite as exciting though.



there are two main technologies for 3D TV currently. One is via auto-stereoscopic displays, basically a special display that doesn't require any special glasses. The other is a shutter glasses tech which is a lot simpler and naturally works better for TVs (you don't have to sit in the right spot and multiple people can view it). As far as I am aware this update only concerns the latter. If it was only auto-stereoscopic displays the potential marketshare would be in the 100s rather than the millions.

Let me clear this up: there is no such thing as a 3D TV with the tech I think Sony are using. Any TV that does 100Hz/120Hz or more will work which if you look around is pretty much every new TV on the market currently. What I am assuming will happen is Sony will release a pair of shutter glasses, it will then release this firmware which will let it alternate between the left and right eye. The glasses will sync to the PS3.

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