Topic: Nintendo Network username/friend information sharing thread!

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My ID is Link41. I mostly play CoD: Bops II lately, but I have other online games as well.

PSN ID: Linkx41

3DS Friend Code: 2878-9590-3292 | Nintendo Network ID: Link41


Perfect for what I bought 10 feet nes cable, -now I don't need to sit 30inches from my 70" tv


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NNID: Berserker26. I play many different games like Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, SSB and more. Always love to have some friends. I don't do voice chat and such. If you like, my brother's NNID: BlizzardBjorn.

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Practice makes perfect ;)

Nintendo Network ID: Berserker26


Hi guys just new here.

Here my my friend code : SW-0881-5546-8403

Add me if like

Switch friend code : SW-0881-5546-8403


Does anyone have lego worlds anybody to play online Friend code is SW-7984-6194-0698 OR FAST RMX...



Hey I'm pretty new to all this, but now have both 2ds XL and the wii u! I mostly play rpg's, strategy games, adventure games etc, but I have a pretty big collection of 3ds games so just ask, maybe I have it. I don't have a lot of friends in my town that play nintendo games here, so add me to your friend list, send me a message or whatever it is. I still don't really understand how to use some features like spotpass, but trying to figure it out.
On wii u I only have Tokyo mirage sessions sharp FE so going to buy new games tomorrow! Any recommendations?
My nintendo Nickname is the same: Celebreon
Also I bought my nephew a switch for x-mas so maybe will be playing that soon too
EDIT: forgot to mention I've been dying to try Final fantasy explorers multiplayer!

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what game is it?




I don't really understand your question?'
Looking to play Final Fantasy Explorers online, but I've also played about 5 minutes of the super smash bros for 3ds about a year ago and it just sits on my shelf.... I could play that too I guess.



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