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@Action4jackson Add you in what on the 3DS or on the Wiiu?Or maybe both?

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fc: 2148-8408-0661 ID:gamer 4047 Get ready to smash

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Hello Everyone, new to the forums, but I have been using nintendo life for quite some time. Also used to be a member of the nintendo forums way back in the day.

I don't have a lot of friends on the wii U and I would love to gain more, I enjoy looking at others miiverse posts and having them view/comment mine.
I will be getting smash and I have mario kart and several other online compatible games, but I dont play a lot online, so if you do add me it will be mainly for exchanging comments and conversations through miiverse. I would love some hardcore nintendo fans to add, my Nintendo Network ID is: Kamek-Koopa

I have a youtube channel and I make videos so if we do play, fair warning Your online ID may be viewable. (posted this just incase it would be a problem to anyone)

Thanks and hopefully I can build my friend list to have more people to interact and play games with. (also have a 3DS: 2062-9161-7615)


Nintendo Network ID: Kamek-Koopa | Twitter:


Hi! I'm Phle.
I don't play very much online, but I post to Miiverse now and then. And I might play more online if I have someone to play with. I have Moster Hunter 3 Ultimate on both Wii U and 3DS. I've been playing alone, but I would very much like to find someone to play with. I also have Mario Kart 8, but I haven't tried online yet. I play Pokémon a lot. Been playing mainly Pokémon X the past year, I'm getting Omega Ruby at launch. I'm currently playing Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and Pokémon X, Pokémon HeartGold, A Link Between Worlds and Super Smash Bros. on 3DS. If you want to add me on my 3DS, let me know so I can add you back. On Wii U I will most likely add you back if your Miiverse profile and posts are in english and seem decent. Doesn't hurt to mention that you are from NL.

3DS & Wii U player Phle --> (Ö_Ö)
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Phle's Nintendo Network ID: Phlette


Just got a wiiU I have Mario Kart 8 but i will be getting other multiplayer games later. Let me know if you guys add me so i'll add you back.

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NNID: ForeverSpooky
Online wise, I have Mario Kart 8 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Looking for friends to play both with!!


3DS Friend Code: 4339-3764-8577 | Nintendo Network ID: ForeverSpooky | Twitter:


For those who want to add me on the Wii U, by all means add me - WhiteSpyderZero, or on 3DS - 3222-5581-9216

Founder & Video Producer, Pug Hoof Gaming -

Nintendo Network ID: WhiteSpyderZero | Twitter:


I've recently gotten back into Mario Kart 8. I'd love some racing pals. Just let me know you're from Nintendolife forums if you do add me.

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NNID Sparty84.. Looking for friends if you wanna play some MK8


Nintendo Network ID: Sparty84 | Twitter:


NNID: camomile.meadow

Playing now: Pokemon X, Theatrhythm FF CC, Fantasy Life [+waiting for Pokemon AS]

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Also added @Jazzer94

I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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Hi I'm 47 years old been gaming all my life. My real life friends are not into gaming so I'm looking for mature gamers to have a laugh maybe try out Wii U chat and some online gaming with. Give us a shout if there are any like minded gamers out there ID Solm67.

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NNID: Liveforhim16
The two main games I have for my Wii U are Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros!


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Feel Free to add me guys: Stonzy87

I got a Wii U 4 months ago. Am looking to have people on my friends list to regularly play Smash, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon with when it releases



Anyone (preferably 18+) looking for someone to play MK8, SSB and especially Splatoon (really looking forward to some competitive teamplay in that ), feel free to add me -> See signature
Looking forward to playing with you guys!

@Stonzy87 @Inkling Added.

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Hey there Guys,
I'm looking for great fighters @ SMASHBROSWIIU, who's up for a challenge ?

Add me : Pizzy88

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Hardcore Nintendo fan here love to play a variety of titles and see what people think on Miiverse addme grandad1989

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Switch: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Doom and Arms.

WiiU: Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival and Mario Party 10.

N64: Donkey Kong 64 and Jet Force Gemini.

Xbox One: Battlefield 1 and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.


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