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Got a Wii U 2nd Hand today and I need to build my friends list up. I'm a nice guy I'll eventually get some MP games so I could use company. Anyhoo please add me its left4bread3 also I have had a PS3 for a few years with left4bread3 being my PSN aswell,feel free to add me there too.

3DS FC 3625 8751 8632


Hi, would like to know what my 3rd 'mon is. I'll add everyone on this page.
Friend code: 2552-1581-3189
Friend name: Kevin

ps. BaranBaran, can't see your friend code atm

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NNID: Fandabidozi
3DS Friend Code: 2552-1581-3189
AC Pocket Camp: 1580 9310 141

Nintendo Network ID: Fandabidozi | Twitter:


My NNID: XFsWorld

3DS FC: 5413-0049-5973
3DS/WiiU ID: XFsWorld
PSN: XFsWorld


Hi, Please add me. I am from the UK.




Feel free to add me, always up for playing with the some people on a regular basis. My miiverse user name is the same: chrispega

Currently playing: Call of Duty Ghosts, Splinter Cell Blacklist



Hey everyone, add me!

3DS FC: 0533-5048-3373
Currently Playing: Pokemon Y / Pokemon ORAS
Secret Base Location: Route 118 (outside of Mauville)
Dragon safari: Dragonair, Gabite, Druiddigon


Hey all. Just joined. I'll probably add a few of you. I'm dmnn64. Great thread!



Recently bought a Wii U (finally!). Couldn't resist to the Mario & Luigi bundle.
Looking forward to add friends from all around the world, so feel free to add me! My ID is Realinho. If you'd like to add me on other services/ devices, please visit my profile.

@suburban_sensei , @BlackOshawott1 and @Datasun_7 : added you guys on both the Wii U and the 3DS, please add my FC back

My collection:
Xbox Live: Realinho | Apple Game Center: Realinho | Steam: Realinho

3DS Friend Code: 4382-2401-9157 | Nintendo Network ID: Realinho | Twitter:


NNID: du5tin



Recently bought my Wii U

NNID: DarkGamerX

YouTube Channel:
Nintendo Network ID: DarkGamerX
Xbox Gamertag: DarkGameMasterX


Kingdom Hearts 3
Mirror's Edge 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Rare Replay
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo Network ID: DarkGamerX


3dstomper or Steven9wii

i have a wii u! send me a request with the message "nintendo life" in it without quotes.

3DS Friend Code: 0430-8795-4668 | Nintendo Network ID: Steven9wii | Twitter:


So, I was redirected here but anywho....So, yes just got me a Wii U Bundle with The Super Mario Bros/Luigi U Games and bought Windwaker HD and Wonderful 101 seperate last Thrusday as my early Christmas Gift to myself and I'm looking for more people to add in my friend list. So, far I have 7 friends added and I know you can only have up to 100 so throw me your Nintendo ID's and here's mine........

Nintendo ID : Tsukiomi

Let's play and chat guys!!!!!


3DS Friend Code: 1848-2573-9929 | Nintendo Network ID: Tsukiomi | Twitter:


add me : ) d3adsil3nc3

p.s. i am 26 and would prefer to play with people the same age and older

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add me peeps , always looking to game with cool gamers. would prefer to play with gamers my age but welcome all (esp mh3u players)


Nintendo Network ID: Sacredchaos69


add me guys!!!

wii u BlowinEndo

3ds 1306-5959-5284

18+ please

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3DS Friend Code: 1306-5959-5284 | Nintendo Network ID: BlowinEndo


Im windy3DS

Good bye to the Switch. I sold my Switch and didn't price gouge anyone. That's probably it for home consoles me at 52. I love 3DS and consider it to be my console. The Switch went to a nice family with kids I'm sure who will love it for years to come.

3DS Friend Code: 0877-0511-8391 | Nintendo Network ID: Windy3DS


NNID : Gold471

3DS FC: 4296-3465-6223

3DS Friend Code: 4296-3465-6223 | Nintendo Network ID: Gold471


Hey folks my NNID is the same as my username - MetalDooley.Feel free to add me.I'm particularly interested in anyone who has Splinter Cell:Blacklist as I just purchased that game and I can't seem to find anyone online in it


Nintendo Network ID: MetalDooley



I am disappointed with the Wii U so far but maybe that's all changed with Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo Land is not that great in my opinion same for Wind Waker.

Umm… Care to have some gravy?


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