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@johnfl1 - I tried sending a friend's request through miiverse but you must have it disabled in your settings since it's greyed out on my side.

Anyways, I'll add you manually. By the way, my NNID is GTWarrior and I'm over 25. Please add me also.

"As a man thinketh, so he is"
WiiU NNID: GTKing77


@johnfl1 - nope, friend request option still greyed out. I've added you via Friend's List. Just go there and add me manually. My NNID is GTWarrior. Thanks.

"As a man thinketh, so he is"
WiiU NNID: GTKing77


My NNID is BlackOshawott1. Please add me.

Pokemon X Fire Friend Safari:Growlithe, Larvesta and Fletchinder

3DS Friend Code: 1478-3122-5831 | Nintendo Network ID: BlackOshawott1



I checked into it and then added you, so I think it should work now, thanks for the heads up.


I added you now, just waiting for your add.

Nintendo ID / PSN ID: Suburban_Sensei
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Just a heads up guys, its easier if you send a friend request through Miiverse, that way the recipient only has to accept instead of adding each other. I would not have known I had pending friend requests until I just checked this thread. Anyways keep the adds coming! NN ID: Link41

PSN ID: Linkx41

3DS Friend Code: 2878-9590-3292 | Nintendo Network ID: Link41


Hey guys,
I'm not sure how often people check this, but my Nintendo Network ID is PFunk007. Looking forward to playing Smash Bros and Mario Kart with people!




My NNID is Datasun_7 please add me

Proud Samus main for ssb4!
Hyped for Capt. Toad, Yoshis woolly world, Mario maker and splatoon in the first half of 2015
Wii U, 3DS and PS4 owner

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quoted Datasun_7 "My NNID is Datasun_7 please add me"

i am Steven9wii, look for a mii named 3dstomper

i have a wii u! send me a request with the message "nintendo life" in it without quotes.

3DS Friend Code: 0430-8795-4668 | Nintendo Network ID: Steven9wii | Twitter:


My ID is sharkemon
Feel free to add me.

Nintendo Network ID: sharkemon
3DS XL Friend Code: 4356-0310-3357

Animal Crossing Dream Address: 7000-2805-8895


Please add me.
NNID: Wizanamie

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Did anyone found a dawn stone ingame yet?

FC 4184 - 2549 - 2243
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shelliax wrote:

Did anyone found a dawn stone ingame yet?

Me thinks you're in the wrong thread

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I am BlueMario1998, visit my profile and click on BlueMario1998, and you will find me!


3DS Friend Code: 5198-3100-0796 | Nintendo Network ID: BlueMario1998


Added everybody on this page

Feel free to add me (anyone). New Wii U owner, but lifelong gamer Could use a friend or two - it's a bit barren here!

NNID: mnBaka


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Wii U ID: mnBaka
Feel free to add me :)


I play "Y" and mh3 around 7 hours a day, add me if you want =)

My friendcode : 3196-4194-8811
Friendname : Wesley


[owner of a black/blue 2ds]
[owner of a black 3ds]
[owner of a xbox360]
[owner of a dumbphone]

My friendcode : 3196-4194-8811
Friendname : Wesley

Pm me so i can add you


Got a Wii U 2nd Hand today and I need to build my friends list up. I'm a nice guy I'll eventually get some MP games so I could use company. Anyhoo please add me its left4bread3 also I have had a PS3 for a few years with left4bread3 being my PSN aswell,feel free to add me there too.

3DS FC 3625 8751 8632


Hi, would like to know what my 3rd 'mon is. I'll add everyone on this page.
Friend code: 2552-1581-3189
Friend name: Kevin

ps. BaranBaran, can't see your friend code atm

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