Topic: Nintendo Network username/friend information sharing thread!

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Just got a Wii U and need friends.
My NNID is ChameleonCircuit.

3DS Friend Code- 4725-7991-3379
Nintendo Network ID- ChameleonCircuit


I don't have any online games yet..but add me anyway!

Username is PloXyZeRO like it is here. I'm 17 by the way if that matters to anyone

MrSRArter wrote:

Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

3DS Friend Code: 3325-2132-3153 | Nintendo Network ID: PloXyZeRO | Twitter:


If anybody wants to add me




Please feel free to add me! My NNID is jenmax326.

Feel free to add me!

3DS Friend Code: 0430-8679-1614 | Nintendo Network ID: jenmax326


Been a while since I've gotten any new friends so posting in here again. GeePers.

Wii U Nintendo ID: GeePers


Hey all. I recently bought a Wii U with ZombieU and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Feel free to add me, my NNID is Jibbysmack.

NNID: Jibbysmack


Message me with your ID and add mine if you want a more mature nintendo punk/friend!

Old Skool (very old skool!)

3DS Friend Code: 2363-6795-2439 | Nintendo Network ID: Digital-Deviant | Twitter:


Please add me. My NNID is: GTWarrior.
Looking to add people who are 21 yrs and older since I'm in my 30's.

"As a man thinketh, so he is"
WiiU NNID: GTKing77


Feel free to add me NN is Link41, I am 27 if anyone was wondering.

PSN ID: Linkx41

3DS Friend Code: 2878-9590-3292 | Nintendo Network ID: Link41


@Link41 - Will add you in a few hours

"As a man thinketh, so he is"
WiiU NNID: GTKing77


Finally, got to ordering a WiiU, haven´t got anything other than land and mario U yet but feel free to add me!


Nintendo Network ID: JDavies


The only game I have at the moment is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but I'm very likely to get CoD: Ghosts in November, and of course the big games like Mario Kart, SSB next year. My Nintendo Network ID is Jaxx_Raxor. Please send me a friend message if you interested! ^_^

Nintendo Network ID: Jaxx_Raxor
Nintendo 3DS FC: 0705 3227 0871

Nintendo Network ID: Jaxx_Raxor


i have need for speed(only online game i have. others are like pikmin....) and soon will get ssb and mario kart mine is lionel1

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Xander my husband...

3DS Friend Code: 3136-7674-9891 | Nintendo Network ID: lionel1 | Twitter:




3DS Friend Code: 1891-1165-2008 | Nintendo Network ID: pikmaniac


Cool, I'll get to it when I'm off work


Nintendo Network ID: JDavies



I will be adding you guys next time I am on later today. I'm 26, and mainly an old-school gamer, so would love to add people to my friends list that are a bit older, as well. Nintendo Network ID: Suburban_Sensei

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Nintendo ID / PSN ID: Suburban_Sensei
3DS Friend Code:3239-5626-6674

Currently playing:
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse / Hyrule Warriors / Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)
Super Smash Bros. / LoZ: Majoras Mask 3D / Kirby Triple Deluxe / Prof. Layton vs. Pheonix (3DS)
Far Cry 4 / GTA V (PS4)


@suburban_sensei - I tried to send you a friend's request through Miiverse but the option was greyed out. If you send a request from your side, I'll add you.

"As a man thinketh, so he is"
WiiU NNID: GTKing77


Any older (25+) gamers out there, feel free to add me: jonfl1

Single player stuff is fun, but I'm looking for some online friends because none of mine have a Wii U yet!


Nintendo Network ID: jonfl1 | Twitter:


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