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Topic: Why isnt Monster Hunter 4 not Comming to Wii U

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Why no Wii U version


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Um probably just because they released MH3U less than six months ago.

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I think you've got one too many negatives in your title.

Also, I wouldn't pass for Capcom to release MH4 on WiiU in the coming years. Except it'll be an updated re-release and it'll be called Super Monster Hunter: 4: Alpha: Ultimate Fourth Strike: You'll Never Hunt Alone.
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Because Capcom chose not to...
@Magikarp: ...Or they'll just call it Monster Hunter Portable 4th/4G like they have always done, lol

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As Magikarp said; too many negatives.

As for reasons why MH4 is 3DS exclusive, it's probably because (A): the target demographic of MH games, Japanese gamers, absolutely LOVE handheld consoles, and (B): the Wii U is not doing so hot right now on the market.

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