Topic: Which version of Black Ops do you play?

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Well I am trying to figure out which version to buy. I have a Wii and a 360 and first off let me say I dont care about graphics or controller type or extra goodies that one version might have over the other. I havent played FPS for a very long time in fact the last ones I played were N64 GoldenEye, Doom and Duke Nukem lol, but I recent picked up GoldenEye on the Wii and I am lovin the Online multiplayer. So I would like to get the version which seems to have the most Nintendo Lifers playing online. I dont mind random groups but its always alot funner to play with people you know.

Now I dont want to hear on how the 360 version is better over the Wii because of this and that or vice versa. I just want to know who has what version so that way I can tally up which version has the most Nintendo Lifers playing online multiplayer.

Thank you in advance.

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The 360 for me.

Does the Wii version even support Wii Speak?



360, because...oh wait, you don't want that info...Whatever I play the 360 version.

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AlexSays wrote:

Does the Wii version even support Wii Speak?

No, but it does support the new Headbanger headset.
EDIT Here's some proof

MegaStoneSmash91 wrote:

danschemen wrote:

with the wii version let you talk to the random people you play with and possibly add them as friends? if not i'm going with the ps3 version.

You can talk to anyone else who has a headset and can also hear anyone (regardless if you're friends with them or not). You have the option to become friends with anyone you have played with, just send them a request or put in an Ally Code if you haven't yet played with them. There's also a Text Messaging feature so you can communicate with your friends even without a headset (but not during a match).

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well i think it just depends if you want to point at a screen or hold a xbox controller
but i would go with 360 if you have more friends that play on it

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Dont get BO wait for the next one to come out next year :3

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danschemen wrote:

go with 360 if you have more friends that play on it

isnt that the point of this thread? ;P



Wii 'cause of the controls.

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Dont get BO wait for the next one to come out next year :3

Agreed just wait till COD MW 5 but why get that when COD MW 8 will come out the next year

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360. I can always get a good lobby going on there.

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