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It seems a lot of the cooler board games have free online versions now! I wonder if we could get enough interested at NL to have a few friendly games? We could arrange a designated time each week if people want but I'd prefer to keep it open

The ones I'm aware of right now are:

Settlers of Catan
Cards Against Humanity (Not sure if it's appropriate to link this one. It's 18+ and really really politically incorrect)

There are probably lots more so if there's anything else you want to play feel free to suggest it

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I know of a free online card game...but it's totally not appropriate for this site...nor is it out yet.

Also, not free, but there is a Magic Online Card game. Duel of the Planeswalker is also free on the iPad.

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How about Ayakashi which is a cool anime inspired card game on android and iOS. Give it a shot its a free to download and play game with online multiplayer functions. It even has an RPG storyline for single player

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I'm playing some online Cardfight!! Vanguard games on Cardfight Area, if anyone knows what that is.

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I want to play free online card game, Does anyone tell me how can I find card games please.




There's also one for Yu-Gi-Oh!



albert2000 wrote:

You can count me in. Ticket to Ride is my current fave.

That's one of my favorites too (and not only because I usually win )

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These are two of my favorite board games. I'm not familiar with those two sites, but I assume they don't have free versions? I still play both on Asobrain for free from time to time. They're called "Xplorers" and "Toulouse" there, though they are virtually the same minus the names. Unfortunately Asobrain stopped taking new members.

I've run a Carcassonne tournament before (round robin, then seeded playoff bracket) and would definitely be interested in doing another one.

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I'd be interested in playing a few card games online with the lovely people here




I'd recommend people who play Dominion try Ascension. It has a lot more variety, and decision making is more interesting.

I see someone mentioned Yu-Gi-Oh. Some other fun card battling games: Summoner Wars and Sol Forge.

As I was typing this I remembered I'd been meaning to try Card Hunter, which is vaguely likely Fire Emblem with cards used to move and attack with your guys on the board. Quite fun.

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