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Anyone playing Team Fortress 2 right now? CUTE! :3


CapnPancakez wrote:

I play Tf2 quite a bit; really the only shooter that I enjoy because of the various classes and high emphasis on teamwork. Its also nice to see and FPS that doesn't have bland, forgettable characters for once.

I started playing it about 3 months ago and I'm addicted. CUTE! :3


I play it a little now or then. I'ma very casual TF2 player you could say. It's fun, although i prefer bigger maps.



Mostly on weekends I play it.

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Yeah, I play it a lot. I only really play the intelligence capture mode (mainly 2Fort).

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Shadowflash wrote:

Yeah, I play it a lot. I only really play the intelligence capture mode (mainly 2Fort).

Yeah me too. CUTE! :3


I play it a lot. On my Steam account a little bit over 1000 hours so far. It really hooked me back when I started playing it in 2010. I'm trying to improve my scout and demo plays so that one day I might stand a chance in a 6vs6 or a highlander team.


I am not allowed to play but I do anyway.

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I've almost reached 1000 hours.
Yeah, it is pretty disturbing.


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I play it on weekends occasionally. For some reason I spend more time watching Gmod Tf2 videos than playing the game.

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I play now and again. One of the better shooters out there.


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I've been pretty into it lately, I've had it since June 2012 and have bagged about 150, so I play when I can. Usually I play as the Soldier, but I might switch around with the Sniper, Heavy, Demo, Pyro, or Scout. Sometimes Engie, Medic, or Spy, but I'm really not great with them and I've been mostly practicing in Offline Practice. Also I've been trying to get into trading and learning the basics of the TF2 item economy.

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