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Hi I have alot of shiny pokemon from unova region, but I really want some from KALOS
so I'm offering these Shinies with random IV/natures for other shiny Kalos pokemon!

(GER) = From Germany, (JPN) = From Japan, (ITA) = From Italy, (SPA) = From Spain, (FRE) = From France
UT = Untouched, caught in the wild in Unova

Shiny Lapras
Shiny Sewaddle (GER)
Shiny Gastly (JAP)
Shiny Marill
Shiny Charmander (FRE)
Shiny Larvitar (JPN)
Shiny Chingling (JPN)
Shiny Larvesta
Shiny Dragonair (GER)
Shiny Blastoise
Shiny Lileep (ITA)
Shiny Anorith (ITA)
Shiny gigalith
Shiny Furret (JPN)
Shiny Vanillite UT (SPA)
Shiny Litwik UT (JPN)
Shiny Jolteon (JPN)
Shiny Ferroseed UT (JPN)
Shiny Braviary UT (JPN)
Shiny Oshawott UT
Shiny Bagon (JPN)
Shiny Seadra UT (FRE)
Shiny Rufflet UT (JPN)
Shiny Deino (JPN)
Shiny Electabuzz (JPN)
Shiny Eelektross (ITA)
Shiny Shieldon (ITA)
Shiny Haxorus
Shiny Munna UT
Shiny Beautifuly (JPN)
Shiny Audino UT (JPN)
Shiny Milotic
Shiny Altaria (FRE)
Shiny Lapras (GER)



oh lol thanks man!



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