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Hey guys, since we all need to play we all need to mesage each other when we play. I thought this forum would be helpful. It is very simple to use that even a big NINTENDOOO!!!! - company can use it. And untill we get a message base to come to the 3DS besides using the weak message board the 3DS uses now, we have to settle for this. Here's how to use this. Since we can play all over the world and I have several friends in other areas besides the US, please list when you are playing the time zone you are in. For instance:

RE: Mercenaries - 8:00 pm - Pacific

or use:

Playing NOW! Will be hosting/ joining

When using this system, we can accuratly figure out when you are playing and what you are playing. Then of course you can quote and message on here as much as you like. So my friends let us journey into the dark unknown of Parisite monsters, Flaming Majini's and psycho Chainsaw Maniacs and kick some much needed 3D butt. Enjoy.

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Please use the existing RE:M3D thread to organize this kind of thing. :3

future of NL >:3
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