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The Resident evil Raid Mode competetion is a competition to find out who's the best RE:R online gamer.

So first you must use the second game file (since you can't change your name your first game file) and type [RMC] (include the brackets in your name) After [RMC] type in any name you would like to play with and then save. After this try to get your level to the highest you can fast as you can. On the day of the deadline select Raidmode and then select Recruit. Do NOT choose "ready" but leave the session open and I will go to the "session list" and write down the players who have [RMC] in front of their name. The top 10 player levels will be scored and the #1 player shall be the revered "#1 RE:R player in NintendoLife." Please have fun and good luck everyone.

Start: 9:30 EST August 12 2012

deadline: 1:30 PM EST October 1st 2012

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Ok on paper it sounds pretty neat your idea Oziku.
But TBH this game is not good for competitions.
If i fire revelations on again i do the missions here and there , but competition for a level ? Hell no RE is not suited for that.
Oh and grinding is mindbloggingly dull anyways ( worst game design invention ever )
Its a blast coop style but for competition leveling leaves too many exploits
hey but i would be in there for a bit.trip saga competition

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