Topic: Professor Layton and the Last Specter London Life friend code.

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Anyone wanting to share thier London Life friend code can post it here or comment here with it in your signature. I don't have any friends for this game yet, so the more who add here the better!

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I am currently making sprite, playing Minecraft, johnny Kung Fu and am awaiting Kingdom Hearts and New SMB 2. Not sure which I'll is low these days.
Walking Dead still the best show on tv!


No idea this game had an online mode for friends.

So many games to get, and this is one of em.



I will get this game soon and I will post my friend code, I had no idea about the online feature, I thought it was just for downloading new puzzles.

i am erick ! my 3DS friend code is : 0860 - 3247 - 2632 and my nintendo network id is : erickelbarbaro


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