Topic: Post your Wii number here + All your Friend code for both Wii and DS games.

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Hey guys you probably know this by now but i don't play online not because i don't like Online is just that i prefer Single player games and Local Multiplayer (do to the laugh and interaction with others), however since i got my Mario Kart Wii since April 2008 that's the only game i play daily do to Nintendo's official Tournament but even do that i just play and noting else rarely get challenged online in normal random gamers so i decided to compete with other Nl users:

And since there's lot's of other Tournaments / Online competition in other Wii / DS games it would be annoying to actually go from one to another topic and registered so i decided this topic will be the center for all Registration on Friend codes for other Topics to use. So without any more pointless reading here's my entire List Of friend Codes as of Marth 14th 2010:


Wii Number: 5512-9482-2827-1761

Pokemon Battle Revolution Friend Code: 2493-6301-6491 (i'm not playing online yet do incomplete team of 6 so as of right now i won't be online in Pokemon Battle Revolution)

Mario Strikers Charged Friend Code: 4339-1629-7621

Super Smash Bros Brawl: 3179-5923-1900

Mario Kart Wii: 1246-9393-2164

Animal Crossing City Folk: 4039-2345-6466


Dr Mario Online Rx: 5637-7937-9713

Bomberman Blast: 1548-7374-4603

Wii Music and Mario and Sonic At the Olympic Games as for as i know has online features but no friend code, Mario and Sonic At the Olympic games has only online leader boards and Wii Music i believe has Video sharing with other Wii music users via Wii Number i think.


Mario Kart DS: 4469-3152-9273

Animal Crossing Wild World: 0689-7441-1164

Tetris DS: 1191-0288-8722

Starfox Command: 5465-6615-7924

This might take a while since several games need update so i'll edit later when i go thru all my DS online games + DSiware (i think i have none with online features but i need to check just in case).

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This section of the forums is set up to have one thread per game, not one thread per person's available games to play, in order to make it easier to schedule matches between users.

Wii FCs (NA)
Pokemon Battle Revolution (NA)
Mario Strikers Charged (NA)
Mario Kart Wii (NA)
Dr. Mario (NA)
Bomberman Blast (NA)

Feel free to post your codes to all of those threads (as well as the EU threads that are scattered about the forum if you're interested in taking on people from EU as well). If you own a game and do not see a thread to post your FC for it to (this area of the forums is only four pages deep, so it shouldn't be too hard to ctrl+F through the pages), feel free to create a new thread. :3

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