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Over the long run, I strongly feel that there isn't a discussion that has been properly made regarding Battle Spot Online (BS). I strongly felt the need of wanting to make a topic on here based on improving not only myself but other battlers out there. This isn't neither a rant or even a complaint. Simply just looking for advice to improving.

Bellow, here are a list of team I worked very hard both by Effort Value (EV), Individual Values, & most importantly via natures/characteristics. I really did the best I could but there are too many competitive players out there that go above & beyond having higher ratings than I do. The best I ever had was 10 wins out of 32 losses. I want to improve, & I want to win more. Winning brings more joy out of the game especially post game.

Greninja: Nature: Timid, Capable of taking hits IV5 EV focused: Speed/Sp.Atk
Hydro Pump
Ice beam

Blaziken: Adamant, Takes plenty of Siestas IV 5 EV focused: Atk/Speed
Flare Blitz
Focus Blast

Evee (not part of Battle Spot yet. I have yet to determine what to make of him)
Timid, Somewhat vain IV 5 Ev focused: speed (for now)
Fake Tears

What's your suggestion? What's your best suggestion making a team work? Gain more wins? Your advice is greatly valued, thank you.

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You have to evolve Eevee into something. Maybe Sylveon? And why does it even have Curse when it doesn't have any attacks? By the way, could we add friend codes?

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