Topic: Pokemon 5th Gen Battle/Trade Thread

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Are you still on and if not want to arrange another time?

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Hey Guys! ZERO here! i'm just lookin' for a good battle. anyone up for it? ^^

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Does anyone have a female Dream World Abra with Magic Guard, that they'd be willing to trade me? I'd get it myself, but I never signed up and I don't really want to bother for one Pokémon.

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sweet! feel free to let meknow when you're ready.



Good battle indeed! ^^ I need to restructure my team. That electivire of yours packs a punch. Literally! XD



How's tomorrow sound? ^^



I'm looking around desperately for a Porygon to use for VGC, planning on making a neat Eviolite set. Does anyone here have one to share?
I have a small Singles team I can battle with, too, if anyone wants.
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Probably not tonight, because the PWT as bugged me a bit too much for me to go back to the game, lol...but I guess I'll see if anybody here would like to take my bug team out for a test run. I still have one Pokemon that needs work done with his move set, though. (and it requires shards, ugh)
Anyways lemme know if you wanna test my team for me, maybe tomorrow.


awesome news. Keldeo will be available to download through the WiFi connection from January 25th to February 12th if anybody hasn't got it yet like me

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Lemme double check them all...but I'll be on in a little bit.
EDIT: ...OMG seriously? Never mind Retro, apparently I have to fully level up my whole team or only use 3 of them online. >_>

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