Topic: Unofficial Weekly Retro NL League Courses Thread! Week 1 (3/8/14-3/9/14)

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Our weekly tournament to decide who the best Mario Kart Wii player in the community is needs it's own thread to determine the 8 battle courses and 12 race courses to be used in our tournament so it's up to the community to decide! Vote's for each week's courses begin on Saturday and end on Friday, the day before the battle matches are run and two days before the GP courses are run! You may vote up to five courses and three battle courses a week with the top voted courses being the ones we will compete in!

My votes for (3/8/14-3/9/14)

Battle Courses: Funky Kong Arena, Delfino Square.

Race Courses: Mushroom Gorge, Maple Tree, Mario Circuit 3 (SNES), Moo Moo Meadows, Bowser's Castle.

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Just a little tip since this isn't run by NL you might want to change the title of your thread to "Unofficial"

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