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I added Wario, Clinker, Sonic, Momiji, and Yoshi to my D.I.Y.

@Momiji: yep, only two games at a time in the warehouse (online section for your games). Though, you can also have two records & two comics too.

Having a great time with D.I.Y. Its very cool to have so many people on my list too. Thanks everyone.



Just Added:
Sonic Brawl

FCs in my Sig
The only things I have in my warehouse right now are a wierd fish game, and a little record of music I use for importing.

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DIY FC: 3481-5008-4252


I did a little update just now. I have 21 FC's registered.



I have two minigames in the warehouse right now, add me if you want them.

3DS FC: 5412-9891-8712


EDIT: Aforementioned peeps added. I have a few pretty decent original microgames, I think. Will check out your guys' stuff, and please send me any improved versions of my games, thanks. If anyone has Showcase we could use that, too. (Survey box FTW!)

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Added invmat and Odnetnin

DIY FC: 3481-5008-4252


mine is: 2235-9608-5822, and my name is Bryan



Od!!!!! You're back!!!!!!!! Well, I'm gonna order D.I.Y. soon, so yeah. /me is excited that Od is back


Ok, I added Luke, Clinker, Sonic, Momiji, Gecko, Odnetnin, and Bryan. It won't show up for a few days though because I can't connect to the internet until then.

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i added you bboy2970



I have added everyone so far. Once again, my code is 3825-0949-5121.

Moco Loco
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Ok, I added everyone so far, my number is 5414-2316-5886. I'll post my Wii code when I have access later.

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Added: Moco Loco-, Momiji, Sungecko, Odnetnin, and lombax.
Waiting for these people to add me: MPY443, Lz, Davaman, Darth, Moco Loco, Momiji, Sungecko, Odnetnin, and lombax.
(I will be editing this list)

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Well, since my router is incompatible with my DS, I can't exchange games with you guys D:

However, if you add my Wii friend code (4255 2237 2908 6438) I can exchange stuff with you via Showcase.

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I added everyone who said they added me or said that they added everyone. Anyone else wanna add me, I just put up a new comic.

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Added Lombax, Moco Loco, turtlelink, Sonic Brawler, Odnentin, ...

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