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RAWR hunters.

Many people have imported this, for either PSP or PS3. Let's all organize when to get our behinds whipped by Jin.
and PSN: naviator_9 for those who don't know.


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For the people who have the game (PSP or PS3) you can play online with adHoc Party (AHP), and if you have the PSP I'd recommend getting the japanese version since it's way better, not as glitchy, and has cool Monster Hunter themed rooms just for this game. You have to set up a japanese account to DL it but it's worth it. Here's a video showing how.

AHP requires a wired connection, whether you have the PSP version or the HD.

The PS3 game only works with the japanese AHP and it comes on the disc, so no reason to make a JPN account. Once you've installed it, click on the second option (on the right) when starting up the game. Then once you find a room you press R2 when you're all ready to play. In-game you can toggle the AHP sidebar on/off with L2 and use the function by holding down R2.
hope I helped the two other importers on NL xP

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