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Nintendo ID:jakegrump
Weapons:Great Sword and Long Sword


Nintendo Network ID: jakegrump


I have no idea if this is still going on at all, but I will jump in hoping it is.

Name: Yoshi (Not really, but everyone calls me that, or Lanks.)
Nintendo ID: YoshiDraconia
Location: South Australia
Weapons: Water Elemental Dual Blades, Fire Elemental Long Sword, Lightning Elemental Lance.



Anybody can help me? How to play this game???


Currently HR 4 and climbing! Add me if you need some help or are working on High Rank.

Name: SLiM
Nintendo ID: SLiM33
Location: North America
Weapon: Long Sword

3DS Friend Code: 2234-7489-4974


Name: Dragoon
Nintendo ID: Dragoon04
Location: South Africa
Weapon: Long Sword/ Bowgun

I am only Hunter Rank 2 and I have not played in a couple of months but please add me.

Nintendo ID: Dragoon04 // currently playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Super Mario 3D World //

Nintendo Network ID: Dragoon04 | Twitter:


@WiiWareWave Thats what im talking about !

Stay Gaming My Friend !
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3411-152612-6566 hi I need help farming materials for upgrades. The materials I need are from powerful monsters I cant seem to kill on my own. I need help. Feel free to add me. Im adam



Hey guys I would like to update my MH3U details.

HR: 4 (High Rank)
Name: Dragoon
Nintendo ID: Dragoon04
Location: Southern Africa (CET +2)
Weapons: Longs Sword, Bowgun, Switch Axe, SnS

Please add me for some hunts. I am on regularly and so pass an invite along!

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Nintendo ID: Dragoon04 // currently playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Super Mario 3D World //

Nintendo Network ID: Dragoon04 | Twitter:


Name: Marcelo
NNID: marcelokamui
Location: Brazil
Weapons: Hunting Horn (most used) and Long Sword

Let's play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!!! o/

Nintendo Network ID: marcelokamui


I'll throw my name in here.

Name: Zaphod (HR 4)
NNID: Z.Beeblebrox
Location: North America
Weapons: Long Sword, Gun Lance, Hammer, a little dual blade

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NNID: Z.Beeblebrox


Let's put a little Mexican pride here!

Name: Ehécatl
NNID: Jesalex
Location: Mexico, D.F.
Weapons: Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Swords, Long Sword, Lance, Gunlance, Hunting Horn

Yo sobrevivi al apocalipsis Maya!
3DS Friendcode: 3866-8133-8514


I live in Philadelphia in north america...Heard anything about local groups gathering in center city or something?

Megatron: Any last words Optimus?

Optimus: None you wanna hear megatron!

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Add me please
Weapons: Sword and Shield, Dual Swords, Lance

3DS Friend Code: 5413-0135-9636


name: Jem
NNID: Gad0x9
Weapons: DS

im always looking for fun groups! add me and message and im always down to play



Good to see people using this forum ^^

Gaming since 91!

3DS PAL: 4124 4978 3001

Old school player !) Big Monster Hunter fan. Up for talking about Video games all day. Trying to start a Monster Hunter forum soon, stay in touch ^^

Nintendo Network ID: CerberusAzdin


Hey I lobe monster hunters freedom becuse I've played it on my friends psp but I will try to get it on my xbox 360 I always loved mmorpg but never joined a guil so if I get it I want in



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