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Great new place to discuss everything Modern Warfare 2 Online. Strategies, whatever. Ive lately been using the Tar21 with FMJ equiped, Semtex Grenades, and Perks, I use Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power and Commando Pro. Its a super aggressive set up for running around and blasting away. I also use the M1014 Shotgun as a Secondary for those so much fun closed spaces. What do you guys use?

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i just to warn you that you should change it to a country and not make it world wide. trust me mine was locked from my mistake

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@Panda..... I got it for PS3 so cant play with you But to give you some inspiration to play more. My wife is level 41

@Geek Master.... Im not sure with Wii but with PS3/360 and PC I play with people all over the world. I know there are several NL users here that all have PSN IDs on my friends list that are in Europe, so thats why I didnt make it just NA. I play MW2 with guys in Europe all the time.

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I am level 56 on ps3 and 1st prestige 38 on xbox. I like to use the scar with a red dot sight, and aa-12 with grip as my secondary. Perks are scavenger pro, stopping power pro and ninja pro. I also like to use the ump with a silencer and scavenger pro hardline and ninja pro

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I don't play that much; I'm only level 10. I'm not enjoying it as much as COD4, but it's still fun. I'm on PC, by the way.

I had fun once and it was awful.


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