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If you do not play this game anymore do not even bother to post anything. if you do play and want to enter this tournament then here
Rules. This will be a race out of 24 people. This will be broken up into groups of two. Group A and Group B. group A races firstthen group B races. you must come in 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th or 6th place if you do not you are disqualified. then the same thing with the next match except you must come in 1st to 5th then next match 1st to 4th and so on until theres a winner in group a and b then the winners in group a and b race each other to see who wins. if you have any questions please ask me.

Items- all items
Characters- all characters
Vehicles-all vehicles
Hacking-No hacking
Racetracks- all racetracks my friend code is 1635-4991-7548 give me yours at the site so you can sign up if you have a camera please tell me so we can put this online. only first 24 people can race but we could use extras if they do not show up for there match.

Please check this thread daily for sign ups and more information about this tournament this will be scheduled when we have all 24 people and some extras.

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Mario kart wii code: 1635-4991-7548
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