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Nintendo has not had any good online interactions until Mario Kart released. It was one of the most played games (and might still be) on the Wii. My family plays it often. Online interactions may have some glitches but still is good. There is also the fact that racing the CPU starts to get boring. So you might decide to play online against other people. They are more of a challenge and always make racing much more hard. The others may also test your skills. I heard that some people complain that Mario Kart online may lack some stuff. I heard that chatting is absent which is a complaint. You can't talk trash or give compliments to other racers which is a little disappointing. I am not asking for friend codes because my mom said I shouldn't trust people unknown to me, but I'm just wondering if you guys like racing online Mario Kart Wii often. Do you guys agree with what I'm saying. So then you know the protocol.



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