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I don't even know what the glitch is. But then again, MK7's online is awful.

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You know, speaking of coins and VR...

My no-life friend spent this spring break unlocking everything. IN ONE WEEK, he had unlocked ALL gold parts (Yes, even the FREAKING GOLD STEERING WHEEL), achieved a VR of 80,000, got about 30,000-50,000 coins, AND got three stars next to his name. THIS GUY DOES NOTHING BUT PLAY THIS STUPID GAME GRAH RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE

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My friend went on a Mario Kart Wii unlocking craze this spring break as well. I'm not jelly at all though, as I enjoy my games better when I don't rush things.

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Recently, I put a giant barrier of banana peels by the drop-off point. It took a forever for my friend to break through it; I was hoping he'd give up. After, I decided to rage quit. He'll have to practice to beat me. Online, I had the best run yet - I intercepted a guy trying to use the glitch. After, he snapped, and did a rage quit. While I can get you using it to not lose to an amateur, you only add to the problem. Fortunately, most people don't use it now (about 1/2 at least), and I've noticed that sometimes it's my banana peel barrier that holds some players in line from cheating. That's the most effective way of having people not use the glitch. Thanks to help from others, now I'll see 1-2/3 of the participants in a race protest usage of the glitch. Perhaps we can experience a fair race on Maka Wuhu at last. Congrats!


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Almost that, but w/ Resident Evil. But I play it about once a week.


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