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As most of you may know, Mario Kart 7 has a pretty game-breaking glitch in its Maka Wuhu course. So far, my policy has been this: Unless at least half of us are NLifers, then I'll use the glitch. I'm not going to win otherwise, because everyone else is using it anyway. There's no way to weed out those who are going to use the glitch so I might as well use it too if I want to have a chance at winning.

If I'm playing in a community, I never use the glitch.

Now that's my policy, though it may not be the best one. So I guess the purpose of this thread you think it's ethical to use the Maka Wuhu glitch, despite the fact that it's so popular that most people know about it and use it? Is anyone who uses this a jerk?

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I'll only use it if a. it's in single player and the cpu's are being a pain in the behind or b. everyone else is using it (only non-community).


Yes. Using the glitch makes you a jerk. Especially you, TJ — you're first-ranked in the NL racing community, you've probably got astronomical VR atm; what do you need to cheat for? it's one race out of how many? if you're with a big group of randoms picking it over and over, just drop out and rejoin to get a new group of randoms.

idk how many times i've raced Maka Wuhu in WW (never picked it myself, a few times other people picked it and it comes up random sometimes too), and I can count on one hand how many times during those races someone's used the glitch. It's not cool that you're using it, and I definitely think you're a jerk for doing it with other NLers in the same race. I know you've been busted by one of us multiple times, and if you keep it up, none of us are going to want to race with you.

And it sucks because Maka Wuhu is an amazing track. I hope like hell Nintendo manages to come up with a patch or something soon, because I'd love to honestly be able to race it in WW without having to worry if someone's gonna glitch or not.

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Shadow100 wrote:

What is this glitch? I've never heard of it

Right after when you enter section two of Maka Wuhu, right before you enter the cave, there is a gap in the fence. Go through that gap and jump in the water on the other side. Then, you will be placed about 30 seconds ahead in the course...I probably shouldn't go around telling people this...

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If you don't know what Teejay is talking about, heres a video

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All good points tbd. I only used the glitch because it got very unenjoyable watching others pick Maka Wuhu all the time just to use the glitch and there seemed to be nothing you could do about it other than cheat as well. But like you said, I have high VR anyway. What do I have to lose? I'll quit using it altogether.

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Ok, so here's the plan: once TJ has sworn it off, everyone else get together and do the cheat so that this no good cheater is in last place!!

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I've never tried the glitch, and will not, but I bear no ill will towards those that do.

As for the strategy of dropping out of the game to find a new one, that's easier to talk about than to actually do. About half of every race I've done in worldwide mode has people picking Maka Wuhu constantly. Sometimes it's as many as three or four people. If I were to shut off the game on the basis of people "cheating" by just picking the course itself, I would rarely get to play the game. It works if you have hours to spend on the game every day, I guess. In the case of being in a community and having people pick the course, I can't shut off the game without losing points earned from that session. I'll just deal with it and try for 2nd or 3rd place.

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@Syf: i suppose everyone's experience with the game is different, but i've never had a problem with people picking Maka Wuhu constantly — or with being able to drop out and match up with a new group of randoms with ease, for that matter.

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If you're playing in a community (or even a large group of people who you know) that is honorable and plays without using the glitch, then don't do it. That's not cool. If you're playing with a ton of randoms who don't give a crap about honor and just want to win, do everything in your power to win, as it's the only thing that matters in such a setting. That's how I feel.

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This really sucks. Hopefully Nintendo's apparent eagerness for updates (at least moreso than before) translates to them having the means of patching the game soon.

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The only winning move is not to play the game... in worldwide, at least.

I usually see one or two people picking it every time, so it still doesn't get selected much more often than other tracks, and I don't mind because I take perverse pleasure in knowing I will generally win almost every other race with these people. No one cheats who doesn't need to cheat. Just race, have fun, and laugh when the same people come in last on Toad Circuit.

Sucks that this problem happens to be on one of the better tracks, though.

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If I won't use the glitch — as i am the King of Last Place — then no one should be using it. It's seriously just lame if you do.

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So how's the online component of the game? (compared to MK Wii and every other Nintendo game that has online modes...)

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I haven't played online yet, but I don't think it's cheating to use a glitch. If the game is glitched, blame the game, not the players.

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@LordJumpMad - Thank you for the shocking video, my jaw was dropped for the whole thing.
@iphys - play nice, glitches aren't fair

I hope Nintendo fixes this because my bother gets a hold of this and, he will use this always.

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I don't use it. Plain and simple.



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