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Topic: Luigi's Mansion: ScareScraper Online

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321. Posted:

Anyone on my friends list want to join Joshers744 and I tonight at 10:30 EST please respond. If not we shall tackle a 10 floor on our own!

@ Joshers744 ill post here if we have more before we start tonight so you know what we are doing. Just join my game at the proper time.

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MERG said:

I'm finding this game way too distracting. I would much rather be playing it right now rather than working!
Words to live by!!

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Anyone can add me if they want.FC is in my signature

[09:14] kribs: but I have some cool villagers that say some funny stuff
[09:15] kribs: others are just boring
[09:15] kribs: I'm trying to get rid of those
[09:15] PugKing: With axes?
[09:16] kribs: no!!! those are for trees... most time u__u

Pugs are awesome.

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Hi everyone,

I'm really looking forward to play some Luigi's Mansion 2 online tonight, though I don't have anyone to play with.
I'll leave my FC and skype contact, if you're willing to have some good playtime just add me and let me know here on this topic.

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Cheers, rod


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I haven't played Luigi's Mansion DM in a while but I'm willing to try the online multiplayer again if you guys do it.

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Added you back mate, add me on skype if you have an account: rodac0


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any cool people wanna play before I forget this game exists once Halloween ends? Probably not today but I'll try to get on after 6 PM (EST) every day until then if I can.

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Cool link for cool people: