Topic: Let’s share friend codes?

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My friend code is 0920-0117-6804

I will add you back as soon as I can if you reply and let me know your friend code and you have added mine. Just put my name is Elian.

I love playing smash online (I was the best in high school until I graduated) and sending memes in swapdoodle. I still need to buy an SD card with more space to play Pokémon Sun again. But I also enjoy animal crossing new leaf!

Friend code in my bio. I am The Great EGG

3DS Friend Code: 0920-0117-6804 | My Nintendo: TheGuyEli | Nintendo Network ID: TheGuyEli


Please use the search function before starting a new thread. We have friend code exchange threads already. Thanks.

Use the 'ignore' button, it works.

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