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No Allies, No Mercy

Korlash Clan is now recruiting for our Super Smash Bros Division, in preparation for the new SSB title. Korlash is an old SSB clan, but has newly been remade into a multi-gaming clan. Currently, we have only one division up, and that is our SSB Division. Our SSB Division welcomes all players of all skill levels but highly rewards those who are skilled. We believe to have found the balance between a casual gaming community and elitist gaming clan. The original Korlash Clan was developed for brawl and in 2008 -2013 with an outstanding record of 30/0 in clan wars. With this new clan, we plan on carrying out that same domination in all divisions, but most especially in our SSB division. By joining Korlash now you will have a chance to be part of becoming that same legacy but for SSB Wii U.

Join us today or fight us tomorrow.




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