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@SheldoRandoms - Right back at ya!
Good job on those matches! I liked how you made excellent use of the terrain. I'll have to keep that in mind more.

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@Ideal_Hero This was me in the battle (posting it twice just because it's Fred Rechid)


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So was that a straight knockout by @Ideal_Hero?

Edit: Found it in the other forum

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Do something else for a while, still 13 matches to go

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Thanks for all of the birthday posts, but my B-Day is tomorrow, Sunday! XD

@LJM Thank you for reminding me to hunt down a certain bat. I probably should go to the closest jewel shop first, just to get my pawned emerald.

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Happy actual Birthday Knuckles

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For the third time, happy Birthday Knuckles!

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Another year surviving good job Knuckles, happy birthday to you~

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you ready for that tournament match @true_hero ?

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taytrellz wrote:

you ready for that tournament match @true_hero ?
Oh and Happy Birthday @Knuckles

Happy Birthday my good Echidna~

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thelegendoflink wrote:

Yeah, everybody can join, regardless of skill level. It's a tourney just for fun, no prizes involved other than bragging rights.
What most people don't know about Brawlers and Raptors is that their cont fire has an amazing potential for cancelling out other shots. In fact, a Raptors or Brawlers user with Shot Cancellation +1 can just hold the L Button and avoid pretty much all damage. Brawlers outclass Raptors in terms of cancel, as they're faster and their cont fire spreads in a wider area, but Raptors can easily KO with only one melee combo (they only need 8.5 melee IIRC) while still being quite fast. Overall, that means they have an advantage for 1v1 first, where these problems are much more important since there is only 1 opponent.
But anyways, the banlist is not final yet, so if any of you have something to say, I'm open to it. And welcome to the players who have joined! Most of the players who have joined the tourney are in thread, so drop by if you need some help.

i won my tournament match against @true_hero

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@taytrellz, why'd you quote that? O_o

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Really? What was the final score? And not that I don't trust you, but I'll wait for confirmation from True before editing the brackets, just so there are no problems.
Edit: Ninja'd in the other thread. Final score?

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